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The Amazon region is one of the ecosystems on the planet most affected by global climate change. The reason is variations in the Ecuador line cause events like floods, droughts and storms that directly affect the environment and the local population. In seasonal periods of low rainfall and high air temperatures, river water levels in the Amazon basin get too low for navigation, leaving communities isolated. The droughts also cause fires that alter the ecological balance in the Amazon Forest, which holds 12% of the world’s biodiversity. Deforestation by human action aggravates this scenario even more.

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With great satisfaction, effort and enthusiasm, in addition to RedCLARA's support, the National Research and Education Networks of Argentina - InnovaRed, Chile - REUNA, Colombia - RENATA, Spain - RedIRIS, Mexico - CUDI, Paraguay - ARANDU, Peru - RAAP and Uruguay - RAU, collaborated in network, throughout 2017, through an Internet circuit of exhibition called Network Museography (MuRe, for its acronym in Spanish).