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RUTE-AL webinar series aims to promote interregional cooperation in health and telemedicine

Going beyond traditional virtual events, the new webinar serie of the Latin American University Telemedicine Network (RUTE-AL), from April to November, aims to strengthening the permanent collaborative work in the region. With the support of RedCLARA and its member National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), the serie will have two monthly sessions, featuring multidisciplinary panellists, selected among experts and professors from the member NRENs institutions that make up RUTE-AL, such as RNP (Brazil), CEDIA (Ecuador), RENATA (Colombia), CUDI (Mexico), and REUNA (Chile).

The meetings will address the technical-scientific and regional vision on topics divided in two areas. The first is the Heath Special Interest Group (SIG)h, which will address the most relevant current health issues, such as the care of indigenous peoples, the health of refugees and migrants, and the coexistence of obesity and malnutrition, among others. The second is the Digital Health SIG, which will address specific ICT challenges for health transformation, including the use of Artificial Intelligence, data governance, and interoperability in the region.

"We have chosen topics that are important for Latin America and the Caribbean, that are referenced in the technical-scientific literature, and where the existence of a collaborative networks among governments, academia, and companies is crucial to find solutions," explained Paulo Roberto de Lima Lopes, digital health specialist at the Brazilian Research Network (RNP). According to the expert, the benefits of the webinar series include the creation of collaborative networks. “The opportunity to attend the sessions, update their knowledge, and then participate in the collective discussions allows participants to expand their collaborative network and find regional synergies for their local professional performance,” he points out.

In this sense, RUTE-AL webinars are designed to engage different audiences, including researchers, academics, students, professionals working in health systems, companies, technical-scientific organizations, and government representatives in areassuch as telecommunications, science, technology and innovation, among others.According to RedCLARA's Academic Relations Manager,, Tania Altamirano, collaboration among the differentactors part of the health and e-health systems is essential to strengthen telemedicine in our region. "Firstly, it allows the exchange of best practices, knowledge, and experience among countries, which can help identify innovative solutions. In addition, regional cooperationfacilitates the creation of networks of  experts and health professionals, fostering strategic partnerships. Finally, it makes it easier to address common challenges such as interoperability of health systems, regulation and security of healthinformation. In summary, by working together at the regional level, we can better harness the potential of telemedicine to improve access to healthcare and the quality of health services in Latin America and the Caribbean," she emphasized.

The next webinar in the Cycle will take place on Wednesday, April 24th, at 6 pm GMT (3 pm in Brazil and 2 pm in Chile) and will be focus on "Cross-border Telemedicine in Latin America and the Caribbean". The webinar will be moderated by Paulo Roberto de Lima Lopes, and the will also feature experts Daniel Otzoy-García, CEO of the Central American Health Informatics Network (RECAINSA), and Alaneir de Fátima dos Santos, Professor and Coordinator of the Telemedicineh Center at the Faculty of Medicine, UFMG,Brazil.

Participation in all events of the RUTE-AL webinar series is free of charge but requires registration. To register to "Cross-border Telehealth in Latin America and the Caribbean", please visit


RUTE-AL Webinar - Health SIG

  • 04/10 - Origins of Health and Disease Development (DOHaD)
  • 05/08 - Cytopathology Problems in ALC in the CPLP collaborative experience
  • 06/12 - Health for Indigenous Peoples
  • 07/03 - Refugee and migrant Health
  • 08/14 - Onehealth (human, animal, and environmental health)
  • 09/11 - Health, Climate Change, and Sustainability (measures to decarbonize healthcare)
  • 10/16 - The Coexistence of Obesity and Hunger in ALC
  • 11/06 - Universal health coverage, Primary Health Care, and Resilience in ALC

RUTE-AL Webinars - Digital Health SIG

  • 04/24 - Cross-border Telehealth in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 05/29 - AI Adoption in Health in the Context of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 06/19 - AI Development in Health in the Context of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 07/31 - Health Data Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 08/21 - Interoperability in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 09/25 - Public Policies for Digital Health
  • 10/30 - ICT Indicators in Health in Latin America and the Caribbean

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