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Good year for RENATA

The National Academic Network of Advanced Technology (RENATA) highlights the achievements of 2010, as the fact of getting to 125 connected institutions.

New health centers and research institutions, libraries and museums RENATA joined in 2010, through the ICT Plan Colombia, resulting in a wider NREN, which groups 125 organizations.

Also during this year that is drawing to a close, RENATA trained 900 members of the academic community in important issues such as GRID computing, digital libraries and repositories, IPV6, routing and use of advanced network services.

33 radio and 24 TV channel published on RENATA transparent network, and corporate video added more than 8,800 visits.

In addition, RENATA allowed the development of 8 new projects in education and tripled the bandwidth of its international channel, increased its national ring to 1.6 Gigabytes and doubled its capacity and connection for videoconferencing.

RENATA live broadcast over 1,800 hours of academic activity of more than 300 events, among many other achievements that crown this year.

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