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LAGO Community wins the 1st ALICE2-CLARA Case Study Award

Xavier Bertou"LAGO: With the support of RedCLARA Latin-American scientists work collaboratively to study gamma rays and solar activity” is the name of the study that carried out by Xavier Bertou, received the highest rating of the jury; Xavier Bertou, as representative of LAGO, will receive the H.323 videoconferencing equipment defined as first prize.

With a total of 238 points from a maximum of 330, the study submitted by the LAGO community was the winner of the first version of the ALICE2-CLARA Case Study Award. The winner was followed by the studies “Artists and researchers from countries of Portuguese and Spanish languages join by means of a virtual platform to exchange information about dance and technology” (200 points) and “Democratizing science from the universities to the primary education establishments" (187 points).

The CLARA Communications and PR staff team will contact the heads of the selected works to carry out the tasks of editing and publishing. CLARA thank the participants for their excellent disposition and for the progress that the projects that they lead show.

The jury consisted of:

  • Benjamín Marticorena
  • Ana Cecilia Osorio
  • Carmen Gloria Labbé
  • Tom Fryer
  • Dago Bedoya
  • María José López

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Montevideo 11400. Uruguay.

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