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From July 19th to 21st, call for the Third Latin American Hackathon on Science and Education.

LA-CoNGA Physics (Latin American Alliance for Capacity Building in Advanced Physics) announces the opening of the call for the third edition of the CoAfina Latin American Hackathon, scheduled for July 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2024, in a virtual format.

In this new edition, university students from across the region will once again come together in a collaborative environment to address challenges in various areas using open data. In previous editions, over 150 university students have proposed around thirty solutions to different challenges, both collaboratively and interdisciplinarily.

Individuals affiliated with companies, organizations, professional networks, foundations, universities, and research groups can submit proposals for addressing regional challenges using open data on the following topics: open science, citizen science, educational initiatives, shared infrastructure, and the social impact of science.

There are three phases to the Hackathon process:

Stage 1: Call for Challenges (May 27th–June 27th)

We invite organizations, research groups, and professionals from all fields to suggest problems that open data can help solve.

Stage 2: Student Call (June 17th–July 7th)

After defining the challenges, we will call upon Latin American university students to form interdisciplinary teams and collaboratively work on solving the proposed problems.

Stage 3: Hackathon (July 19th, 20th, and 21st)

Over the course of three days, students will develop interdisciplinary proposals aimed at improving the teaching and communication of science. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to participate in outreach activities and take virtual tours of major international laboratories.

Under the auspices of the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual, and Culture of the European Commission, 11 universities in Latin America and Europe, along with five other institutions, including RedCLARA, form the alliance LA-CoNGA Physics, which aims to provide a virtual learning platform in advanced physics in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Originally spearheaded by the LA-CoNGA Physics project, various international organizations have joined CoAfina. RedCLARA is one of the sponsors.

To join this initiative, information is available at the following link:

Rambla República de México 6125.
Montevideo 11400. Uruguay.

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