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June 4th and 5th: XI EDUTIC Santiago 2024 Seminar

The XI EDUTIC Santiago 2024 seminar will focus on "The Era of Infinite Content," highlighting the effects, opportunities, and challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI). This in-person event will take place on June 4th and 5th.

The seminar will feature international presentations and discussions, aiming to establish a meeting point for all stakeholders involved in education. This space will allow for the sharing of experiences and reflection on the challenges and opportunities that this new reality has opened up, fostering development and innovation in the educational field.

More than 30 conferences addressing key topics such as managing the integration of AI in management and teaching, the risks of increasing dependence on technologies, opportunities to create new management and training models, the speed of technological change versus human capabilities, and the gaps in educational institutions in Latin America will take place over the two days.

Find all the information about this event at the following link:

Rambla República de México 6125.
Montevideo 11400. Uruguay.

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