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RedCLARA is proud to provide the National Research and Education Networks (RNIEs) of Latin America what commercial operators cannot: a high-speed network that exceeds the limits of commercial network technology by offering a profitable Latin American infrastructure. Large research projects rely on RedCLARA for excellent availability and quality of service.
A high-speed Internet different from the commercial, exclusive for research and education.

7.7 Petabytes are annually transferred through the RedCLARA network backbone.

100% monthly average access availability.

Services and infrastructure can be adapted to the requirements of individual users.

Efficient Operations
VSOG, the operations center of RedCLARA, resolves in short the cases that are reported.

A wide range of services dedicated to enhancing the collaborative work of academics, scientists and researchers connected in Latin America to the national research and education networks that are RedCLARA members.

Verifying connection to Academic Networks ...

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