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Decreasing of air pollution during the pandemic of coronavirus, monitoring of climate changes, and forest fire alerts. These are some of the interesting activities and researches for Brazil and for the world that make usage of the data generated by the Copernicus project. The program of the European Commission counts with the international cooperation of various countries, including Brazil, Colombia, and Chile in Latin America.

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Educational institutions are being forced to make a major change due to the new Coronavirus pandemic. Certainly, the transformation process was accelerated in a few years, due to the urgent need for teaching to have to break the geographical, technological and, the most difficult one, the customs barriers.

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We live in a society that drives and witnesses a vast amount of changes that, to a large extent, are stimulated and facilitated by information and communication technologies (ICTs). These technologies, since their origins, have generated many expectations, given that their impact on the digital transformation of our society was decisive; just remember the industrial revolutions, a historic milestone in technological development, especially the third one, which saw the emergence of the computer as a synonym for processes automation.