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Seeking the regional integration of Health area in Latin America, based on academic networks and the collaboration with different actors and professionals from health institutions.


Expand and strengthen scientific and educational cooperation in Health in Latin America through the implementation of collaborative activities that support the development of a regional telemedicine network based on the experience of the Telemedicine University Network (RUTE) in Brazil.


After registration, any Health institution can participate in the sessions, but only research and education institutions that are part of academic networks can create new SIGs (Special Interest Groups).

Through the links of RedCLARA (Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks) with the academic networks and articulation between specialists, the participating institutions count on the collaboration of associated networks in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, United States, countries of the BRICS and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Academic networks that sign the Agreement with RedCLARA for the creation of RUTE-AL:
  • CEDIA, Ecuadorian Corporation for Research and Academy Development (Ecuador)
  • CUDI, University Corporation for Internet Development (Mexico)
  • RENATA, National Academic Network of Advanced Technology (Colombia)
  • REUNA, National University Network (Chile)
  • RNP, National Education and Research Network (Brazil)
The members of these academic networks can already be part of RUTE-AL.

Academic networks that are not yet integrated may request their registration with RedCLARA.


For more information about the initiative and to find out how to be part of it, write to , indicating "I request information about RUTE-AL" in the subject of the email.


TICAL2021 and 5th LA e-Science Meeting: RUTE-AL Workshop. Experiences of the first year of activities
RUTE Latin America presents: Experiences of Coordination of SIGs of RUTE Brazil
TICAL2020: RUTE-AL Workshop: The role of National Health Networks post COVID-19

Questions and answers about RUTE-AL and its benefits:

How can Health personnel contribute to RUTE-AL?
Health professors create special interest groups (SIGs), exchange knowledge in various specialties and practice with each other, residents and students. This creates the integration, collaboration and sustainability of knowledge in a network. The establishment of relationships, the generation of articulations, projects and research initiatives are carried out through this coordination, which is for the benefit of the members.
How to be part of RUTE-AL?
How many special interest groups are there at RUTE today?
Why are academic networks involved in this and how can other academic networks join this effort?
Is there a course of action in which networks and people working in the Health area can participate?

Verifying connection to Academic Networks ...

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