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SCALAC, Advanced Computing System for Latin America and the Caribbean, organizes and integrates, for the region, a strategic infrastructure in the field of high-performance computing based on an advanced architecture that includes both high-performance computing (HPC) and scientific computing as high productivity (HTC).

Although it was created by a declaration of intention on March 1, 2013, in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, with representatives of the different National Advanced Networks attached to RedCLARA and representatives of National High Performance Computing Systems, Supercomputing Centers and observation of international representatives, SCALAC has been legally registered in Costa Rica as a non-profit association, since 2019.

Its main objectives are the integration of advanced computational resources and the development of activities to strengthen the competences that will allow the development of projects of regional interest.

Community Goals

Establish cooperation guidelines between RedCLARA and SCALAC, in order to:

  • Strengthen access to high-performance computing resources in the region, so that it can be used by its community of students, researchers and technologists.
  • Strengthen competencies in the development of projects that involve high-performance scientific computing.


In order to coordinate actions, align policies and work together in projects of interest, the following actions will be carried out:

  • Development of connectivity plans that, together with national networks, guarantee service levels and access to available infrastructure.
  • Contribute to raising awareness and information on the activities of SCALAC, RedCLARA, both its partners, new potential users and decision-makers within the respective beneficiary communities.
  • Investigate opportunities to plan joint activities internationally to promote their work and the results of the activities carried out.


Latin America High Performance Computing Conference (CARLA)
Turrialba, Costa Rica
Conference Dates: 25-27 September, 2019

High-performance computing: experiences and challenges
RENATA, Colombia


For more information on the initiative and to know how to join, please write to

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Rambla República de México 6125.
Montevideo 11400. Uruguay.

+598 26042222