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TICAL2021 Conference
and 5th Latin American e-Science Meeting
August 30 - September 2

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Kms. of Network in Latin America
Terabytes Transmitted in 2018
Universities Connected in Latin America


About BELLA: Juan Pablo Carvallo, Executive Director of CEDIA, Ecuador. August 2020, this video was made for (and shown at) the TICAL2020 Conference (held online from August 31 to September 3, 2020).
LA-CoNGA physics
TICAL2020 - Plenary 4 (final): Management of open data to promote science at the University. September 3, 2020

Members: Latin American National Research and Education Networks

Brasil - RNP
Colombia - RENATA
Costa Rica - RedCONARE
Chile - REUNA
Ecuador - Cedia
RAGIE - Guatemala
CUDI - México
Nicaragua - Runba
Uruguay - RAU
Honduras - RedNESAH