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RedCLARA is made up exclusively by National Research and Education Networks (RNIE). In fact, the countries that have NRENs in Latin America are all members of RedCLARA.

Countries that are not yet members of RedCLARA must establish their NREN in order to become members. These networks have a similar structure; and, although they vary in the type of institutions they serve, their common denominator is the participation of the country's universities and research centres. The participation of other sectors in them is desirable, including the government and private companies.

Only one NREN per country can be part of RedCLARA and, therefore, have a connection to the network.

If your country does not have an NREN, please contact us. It is RedCLARA's mission to support countries in establishing their networks. On this route, we will look for a way to guide you in the process of establishing the national network of your country. Write to us at:

Joining RedCLARA has associated costs and benefits.

RedCLARA provides the only enabling infrastructure for the development of the digital ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean; It articulates relationships and initiatives and links institutions, projects and people, promoting the development of the region.


RedCLARA members pay an annual membership fee. This grants them rights and benefits.


Actively participate in the governance of RedCLARA through participation in its Assembly and, if elected, in its Board of Directors.


  • By being part of RedCLARA, the NRENs access RedCLARA's value-added services (described in the Services section of this website).

  • Participate (they and their members, if they wish) in the Working Groups.

  • Participate in the projects that the Cooperation develops.

The following countries have an NREN:

The following national networks are members


Rambla República de México 6125.
Montevideo 11400. Uruguay.

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