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United against Coronavirus

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The National Research and Education Networks (NREN) of Latin America, together with RedCLARA, are coordinating actions to support our member organizations and the health authorities of our countries in the fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The capacity of our networks supports Universities and Research Centres that are vital in the fight against the disease, and they count on our unrestricted support in this circumstance. Check out our support initiatives and get the information you need in order to access them.

Among the measures taken jointly at regional level are:

- With the support of companies dedicated to the provision of desktop videoconferencing services, provision of free licenses to facilitate videoconferencing services to hospitals, health centres, health professionals and researchers who require it. As well as the Universities and Research Centres that decide to implement measures to contain the pandemic COVID-19, indicating to their staff and / or students the tele/remote work / classes.

- Provision through Scalac (Advanced Computing Service of Latin America and the Caribbean) of computing capabilities, in all its computing centres at the regional level, for research activities associated with the virus.

- Development of webinars and seminars with our Telehealth networks in Latin America to facilitate that our community is adequately informed.

- Coordinating actions with other regional networks worldwide, to facilitate cooperation among all in the joint fight against the Coronavirus disease.

If your organization is a University, Research Centre, Health Centre or governmental health entity and requires our help, do not hesitate to contact us to put the necessary resources in this regard.

For this, in the subject of your email write: Coronavirus Help - Name of your institution - Country from which you write. And in the body of the message explain your need and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Send your request for help to the email: .

If you work in the provision of online services that can contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus and the control of the pandemic, and you want to add your services for free to this initiative, please write to , indicating "Pandemic Control" in the subject of your email and we will contact you shortly.

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