DeCLARA al Día

Using the tools and services offered by Colaboratorio, you can:

1. Log in and be part of discussions and events of the RedCLARA communities.

2. Create and participate in Web conferences by VC Espresso.

3. Manage virtual rooms for high-quality multipoint videoconferencing with SIVIC.

4. Transferring large files using eNVIO.

5. Receive funding opportunities for projects, at Colaboratorio's home page .


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An initiative of ELCIRA: Check out Colaboratorio v1.0, our collaboration portal

Developed by RedCLARA under the ELCIRA project), this site aims to support and promote scientific and academic cooperation within Latin America and Europe, in a simple and functional fashion, acting as a liaison between users within it. Access it by pressing the button Join / Register of the RedCLARA website.


RedCLARA invites you to experience Colaboratorio on its pilot phase and test and use the new version of its services, that renewed as part of the activities of the ELCIRA project will help to expand and strengthen the work of scientists and academics in Latin America, and of these with their peers in Europe.

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