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eVentia is the multiapp for academic and scientific events in Latin America. In it, you can create an exclusive app for your event and manage content and design quickly and intuitively.

With eVentia, participants can access the detailed program of conferences, seminars and meetings; find information about speaker and sponsors, interact with them, share content on social networks, answer surveys and much more. Enhance your event and connect with participants through a custom app!

eVentia is for...

Students, researchers and scolars

Download our app and stay on top of everything that happens in the academic-scientific events of Latin America. If you are the organizer of the event, do the whole organization and communicate with the participants through the best technology.

National Research and Education Networks

Coordinate and manage your events and the ones of your institutions.


  • Available in any language
  • Send messages to other participants during the event.
  • Create a comment page for groups.
  • Access documents, videos, and image galleries.
  • Stay tuned on all the information about the event: Programme, Speakers and sponsors, Maps & Direction, Social networks, and much more.
  • Create your own personalized agenda.
  • Send questions to the speakers in real time.

  • Customize the design of the app according to the event.
  • Record participants' data.
  • Conduct polls with participants.
  • Get access to the app usage data (analytics).
  • Get full access to the app's backend.
  • Specialized technical support.
  • Host the data for 6 months.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Enhance the benefits of your event by showing the sponsors in the app.
  • Potentiate the networking during your event: Send private messages, send push notifications to all attendees and/or user groups, have your own comments wall.

Download eVentia


For students, researchers and scholars

Does your country have a National Research and Education Network? Contact it to implement this application at your scientific and/or academic dissemination event.


For National Research and Education Networks

Do you have a national event and want to use eVentia? Do you want to offer the service to your partners? Contact us at and we will support you.


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