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The need to accelerate the digital transformation processes in Latin America and the Caribbean to generate greater economic and social development is the reason and the meaning of the “Dialogue on the Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean”, an invite-only event* that will take place between the 14th and 18th of November, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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SOC, Computer Forensics, Phishing and Ransomware will be some of the topics addressed in a serie of four webinars on Cybersecurity organized by REUNA (Chile), RAGIE (Guatemala), CEDIA (Ecuador) and CUDI (Mexico) networks in collaboration with the Cybersecurity Regional Group of the Research and Education Networks of Latin America, during this month of October.

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RedCLARA thanks the former Executive Director of CUDI (the Mexican academic network), Carlos Casasús, for his enormous contribution to the development of our regional advanced network since its formation. Casasús was one of the leaders who participated in the creation of RedCLARA and president of its Board of Directors in different periods. We are sure that, even if he is no longer ahead of CUDI, his contribution will be remembered in RedCLARA forever. Check out his farewell letter from CUDI below, in spanish.

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