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Bolivian institutions know more about the advantages and opportunities of advanced networks

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RedCLARA presented to Bolivian academic and scientific institutions the multiple advantages and opportunities of being part of the advanced network global community, through a National Research and Education Network, which would promote connectivity and collaborative work with the region and the world.

The presentation was held on 1 June, in a webinar, where the executive director of RedCLARA, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, spoke about "Advanced Networks: boosting education and Science in the Region" and the following steps to consolidate a National Research and Education Network (NREN) in Bolivia.

During the presentation, he also explained that RedCLARA is working to complete the connectivity of Latin American and Caribbean countries without an NRIE that are not still enjoying the advantages of the infrastructure and ecosystem provided by the organization. All this is in the framework of the BELLA II project, implemented by RedCLARA and funded by the European Union.

The BELLA II project aims to strengthen and expand the regional digital ecosystem and support the development of education, research, and innovation. "We are building much more than a connectivity infrastructure, all is about an ecosystem of actors that are linked to each other. The connectivity that we provide as an organization and that provide the national networks in each of the countries constitute a dedicated and specialized platform to guarantee interactions and articulations between the various actors, which enrich knowledge, innovation, and the development and application of solutions to face the challenges in the countries," he explained.

Roberto Zambrana, president of the Bolivian Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC Foundation) shared the history and perspectives of advanced networks in Bolivia. During the webinar, the participants also know two successful use cases of advanced networking in the region.  Oswaldo Alves, Strategic Projects Manager of RNP, Brazil's national network, presented the use of river connectivity alternatives in Brazil, and Carlos Gamboa, Executive Director of CONARE, Costa Rica's NREN, shared the success story of the deployment of eduroam.

Around the world, there are 144 National Research and Education Networks (NREN),  organizations that articulate the digital infrastructure required for universities and national research centers to enhance their collaborative work, promote their result, and efficiently integrate globally with other national networks.  NRENs are vital in developing science, innovation, education, and culture in the host countries and the region.

Through its e-Infrastructure and services tailored to the needs of its community and as a regional leader and promoter of telematic collaboration in education, science, and innovation, RedCLARA interconnects 11 national research and education networks of Latin American countries, promoting collaborative work and the development of large research and analysis through its dedicated internet network.

At the same time, RedCLARA links Latin America with the entire world, in collaboration with its peers GEÁNT, the pan-European academic network, Internet2, its peer in the United States, and Canarie, its peer in Canada.

By joining the advanced networking community, Bolivia would have access to the possibilities offered by dedicated connectivity to the country's science and education, as well as integration into working groups, multilateral projects, and the diverse digital ecosystem of the region and the world.

The recording of the webinar is available on RedCLARA's YouTube channel:

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