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Get to know Huemul: The first Chilean platform dedicated to the teaching of HL7 FHIR

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The National Center for Health Information Systems of Chile (CENS), an ally organization of the Chilean advanced network, REUNA, invites the medical and scientific community of the region and the world to be part of Huemul, the first Chilean educational platform, created for the community of developers in Digital Health, with the aim of promoting the teaching and learning of the health information exchange standard, HL7 FHIR.

(Source: REUNA) By making content and tools available that allow the design, execution and evaluation of FHIR use, Huemul seeks to connect those who teach with those who need training in this language. Through Huemul it is possible to test and validate your knowledge and skills about HL7 FHIR, be part of a Network that promotes teaching and learning about HL7 FHIR, as well as creating and solving exercises interactively.

The platform emerged in 2018, when the CENS interoperability area promoted a series of free tutorials for developers in four regions of Chile, bringing together more than 300 people who were able to understand the application of the FHIR standard with national and foreign mentors. Each exercise evaluated in the workshops required more than two hours and a team of five engineers to review. From that experience, and the need to streamline this process, the Huemul project was born. Throughout all this time, CENS had the support of REUNA's services for the development and deployment of Huemul.

For more information about the platform, please visit watch Huemul's explanatory video on YouTube.