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Patricia Hernández: “Joining RedCLARA is a great opportunity for the Honduran network”

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RedCLARA has a new member. At the end of December 2019, the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks and the National Network of Advanced Higher Education of Honduras (RedNESAH) signed the agreement of affiliation of the Honduran institution to the regional network*. But how was RedNESAH born? What are its challenges in Honduras and how can RedCLARA help in this process? We talked about these and other issues with Dr. Patricia Hernández Cañadas, Executive Director of Technology Management of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) and Executive Manager of the Honduran NREN.

Hello Dr. Patricia! Tell us a little about RedNESAH and the current moment of the network.

RedNESAH is the National Network of Advanced Higher Education of Honduras, constituted by 20 public and private universities of Honduras grouped in the Council of Higher Education, whose purpose is to develop the academy and research through the promotion and coordination of scientific production between peers and the offer of information technology and communication services of Higher Education Institutions, HEIs. The network was born through a creation agreement signed on February 8, 2019, by the 20 rectors of the country's higher education institutions, where they commit to work in common efforts for a country with quality education, strengthening scientific research and collaborative work. We are currently in the process of consolidation, strengthening cooperation ties with our members to be able to draw together the appropriate route to ensure the fulfillment of the vision.

In what ways can RedNESAH be the necessary contribution to the development of research and education in Honduras?

I believe that our task is to encourage the development and support of scientific research in the country. This is a strategic line of the Higher Education Council of Honduras, and it is in this way that REDNESAH becomes an answer both for the strengthening and development of Higher Education of Honduras and for the development of its main mission, scientific research .

In this context, what does it mean for RedNESAH to join RedCLARA?

For RedNESAH joining RedCLARA is a great opportunity. It is the opportunity for our higher education institutions to have the possibility of scientific collaboration with the rest of the research institutes of the Latin American region. An opportunity for our scientists to access global funds for academic financing, access to academic and scientific communities in digital spaces, develop papers collaboratively and update themselves through regional and international events in their area of ​​knowledge.

Finally, how was your experience at TICAL and how do you think networking with other networks benefited (and will benefit) academics and researchers in Honduras?

The experience of having participated in TICAL was very enriching, as it allows us to multiply knowledge and good practices in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in research, with a view to contributing to the improvement and optimization of management and the work of the scientific groups of the Latin American region. TICAL is the space that allows the realities of the IT Units of Latin American universities and the National Education and Research Networks to be checked. I believe that this experience will allow us to organize cooperation groups for research in science and technology and additionally establish direct lines of knowledge exchange.

* The agreement was signed by the Executive Director of RedCLARA, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, and by the president of the Council of Higher Education of Honduras, Dr. Francisco Herrera, legal representative of the National Autonomous University of Honduras, and rector of the same.


About the National Network of Advanced Higher Education of Honduras | REDNESAH

The National Network of Advanced Higher Education of Honduras, REDNESAH, is an initiative in which the 20 public and private universities participate, to strengthen the scientific and academic production of the Higher Education System and the country. Created in February 2019, approved by the Higher Education Council of Honduras. In December 2019, RedNESAH was integrated to the Advanced Academic Networks, by joining RedCLARA. We believe in a Honduras where research, education and innovation flourish through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and information in real time with the rest of the world.