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Download and read: Results of the Second Study on the Maturity of ICT Governance in Latin American Higher Education Institutions

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The book, published in early November 2019, seeks to be the starting point for the joint work of HEIs in Latin America to promote good practices in ICT governance in these institutions.


In the context of the development of higher education institutions, ICTs are vitally important in terms of management, government and governance, considering that the latter is the framework on which decision-makers are supported.

It was with this premise that, at the TICAL2017 Conference, held in Costa Rica, the Latin American ICT Governance Group (G-TIC) was created, integrated by the technology directors of the member institutions of the Network of ICT Directors of the Latin American Higher Education Institutions (ReDiTIC) and members of RedCLARA, with the purpose of taking actions on ICT governance related to regional HEIs.

Thus, in June 2018, through RedCLARA, ICT directors and officers of Latin American universities were invited to respond to the survey “II Study on the Maturity of ICT Governance in Higher Education Institutions in Latin America” until August 12 of the same year. The objective of the research was to acknowledge the advances made since the first study, conducted in 2014, to discuss outstanding issues and to identify strengthening actions to advance the incorporation of strategies. The specific objectives defined in the studies were as follows:

  • Assess the degree of maturity of regional HEIs in ICT Governance.
  • Strengthen ICT Governance.
  • Incorporate strategies for continuous improvement from the ICT area for all areas of operation of the HEI integrated with ReDiTIC.
  • Standardize the development of G-TIC best practices in order to ensure that the work done by university entities is managed in accordance with institutional objectives and international best practices.

The result of this work is the book presented here, which provides an overview of the advances made in the development and promotion of ICT studies in the region and the joint efforts made especially through national research. The background of this study is the document presented by RedCLARA in 2014 (privately delivered to the participants of the first survey), the efforts of the Information and Communications Technologies Sector Commission (CRUE-ICT) of Spain, and the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES), from Mexico.