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LA Referencia launches document on the challenges of Open Access in Latin America

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Prepared by the regional network of open access repositories, the document proposes a characterization of the current regional situation regarding science and open access, reflects on the "Plan S" and establishes a series of recommendations in order to guide decision makers.

(Source: LA Referencia) Under the title "Academic Communication and Open Access: Actions for a Public Policy in Latin America", LA Referencia presents a document, written as an input for the regional authorities that attended the annual meeting of the Global Research Council. The publication and dissemination of the same is done in order to promote dialogue and the construction of a joint vision on which it should be deepened and updated in light of the challenges of Open Access in the region in the short and medium term.

The scientific communication and the change of the model; the situation in Latin America; The academic communication system of the region, principles and actions and recommendations for repositories, consortiums and journals are the thematic axes that are addressed throughout its pages.

The article also reviews the challenges to achieve a better balance between the commercial and the non-commercial world, reinforces the premise that decisive actions must be taken so that the results financed totally or partially with public funds are in Open Access and reaffirms the central role of S&T organisms to achieve it.

Based on the regional reality, it proposes general principles and actions for Open Access repositories, consortiums and magazines with a more systemic view from public policies. It concludes with the need for a dialogue with initiatives such as the "Plan S" pointing out the points of agreement, as well as differences, given the regional context, in topics such as the APC or an appreciation of the role of the repositories.

Access the full document by entering here.