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RedCLARA and CloudHesive LATAM signed Letter of Intent to provide AWS cloud services to member institutions of the Latin American network

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James H. Walker, CEO de CloudHesive LATAM LLC y Luis Eliécer Cadenas, Director Ejecutivo RedCLARA
James H. Walker, CEO CloudHesive LATAM LLC and Luis Eliécer Cadenas, Executive Director RedCLARA

The agreement signed between CloudHesive LATAM - advanced consulting ally for Amazon Web Services - and RedCLARA seeks to equip members and users of the Latin American network with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other value-added services in a direct and simplified way through CloudHesive.

The members of RedCLARA will have access, with special values, to the upmentioned services, and will be able to obtain, among others, the following benefits:

  • Direct connection, through RedCLARA, to the AWS infrastructure for a better quality of service.
  • Simplified acquisition of AWS services, taking into account the special requirements of the academic sector.
  • Support and consulting for the development of projects using the AWS infrastructure.
  • Integration into a simple access portal through the RedCLARA federated service.
  • Major discounts on prices for cloud services.

The Letter of Intent was signed on March 5 by Luis Eliécer Cadenas, Executive Director of RedCLARA, and James H. Walker, CEO of CloudHesive LATAM LLC.