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Thanks to an alliance between the Simón Bolívar University's MacondoLab, Cofca, Atlantic Governor, CaribeTIC and RENATA Colombia*, patients will be able to detect eye disease in time through a robot designed for this purpose. SAHLI, spanish acronym for "Autonomous Independent Reading Skills System" can diagnose four types of human retinal disorders in 10 to 20 seconds with 99% reliability.

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The new member of the Internet Hall of Fame is an "old friend" of RedCLARA. Michael Stanton has been linked to the Latin American network since its creation, and his role in the development of it has been evidenced during the ALICE, ALICE2, ELLA and BELLA projects. His collaborative spirit is recognized by everyone who has been part of the formation, maintenance and growth of the regional network. Husband, father, grandfather, friend, teacher and network expert are some of the words that define him, and his recent addition to the Internet Hall of Fame is, for those who know him, a well-deserved award for his brilliant contribution and trajectory. In this interview, Stanton reviews his career, comments on the projects in which he is currently involved and leaves a message for young people who want to make history on the Internet, just as he has done.

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(This piece is a CONNECT Interview, made by Rosanna Norman to Paola Arellano, original title: “CONNECT Interview: Paola Arellano, Executive Director of REUNA”) REUNA is the National Research and Education Network of Chile. In conjunction with the celebrations of REUNA’s 25th anniversary, CONNECT speaks with Paola Arellano about the Chilean NREN’s role within the Latin American network RedCLARA and the global Research & Education community.