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July 10 to 14: InCommon BaseCAMP 2023

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Internet2 invites to InCommon BaseCAMP, a five-day virtual workshop designed for those new to Identity and Access Management (IAM), InCommon, or both, and who want to grow their IAM team or infrastructure to meet current needs within their network or research and education community.

BaseCAMP will take place from 10-14 July, with a program packed with sessions led by IAM experts and designed by a committee from leading institutions like Illinois State University, Florida Polytechnic University, Illinois State University, University of Texas Austin, University of Michigan, and the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Attendees will increase their knowledge of the fundamentals of identity and access management and the unique challenges higher education faces; understand common and emerging IAM requirements on campuses and tips and strategies for implementing IAM solutions.

Furthermore, they will discover the ins and outs of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform components, built specifically for research and education, meeting your IAM and budget requirements.

Also, they will learn more about the IAM’s critical role in ensuring secure access to network resources and informing the security of the network, and about the InCommon’s IAM tools that offer centralized control over your user identities and access privileges so you can streamline access management processes, reduce administrative overhead, and improve operational efficiency.

They will also learn more about federated identity management, which enables secure and seamless collaboration between different entities and will be able to connect with a collaborative community.

More information, registration and programme of the BaseCAMP:

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