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May 22 to 24: First webinar of BELLA II, Allies to build a digital ecosystem

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RedCLARA invites you to the first webinar of BELLA II, "Allies to build the digital ecosystem of Latin America and the Caribbean", which will be held on Monday May 22, for South America; Tuesday 23, for Central America; and Wednesday 24, for the Caribbean.

The objective is to present the project's strategies, expected results and financing and generate an approach and exchange among the interested parties.

The webinar is also a preamble to the policy dialogues, which will take place within the framework of the project and the EU-Latin America Digital Alliance. The event will also address the impact of the Alliance and its relation to the objectives of BELLA II, the importance of the policy dialogues, the investment accelerator and the development of test beds and the connection with early stage companies (start-ups), universities and research centers.

Representatives of governments and their agencies, ministries of education, science and technology, ministries of environment, innovation agencies, business chambers, universities and research centers, telecommunications, infrastructure, IT and digital transformation companies, business chambers, cooperation agencies, regional bodies and civil society, among other sectors, are invited to join the event.


Registration for the South America webinar on May 22:

Registration for the Mesoamerica webinar, May 23:

Registration for the Caribbean webinar on May 24:

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