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November 7-11: Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean (WALC)

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The 25th edition of WALC, Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean, will take place from November 7th to 11th in Panama City. On this occasion, WALC will have a hybrid modality, with 5 live tracks and 3 online tracks. The face-to-face activity will be held at the Universidad del Istmo, in Panamá. The online activity will have the same duration and will follow a mechanism of direct and live communication via Videoconference, with asynchronous activities dedicated to readings and resolution work proposed by the instructors.

The objective of WALC is to help meet the training needs of technicians and professionals from Latin American and Caribbean countries in the area of ​​information and communication technologies, with an emphasis on practical aspects. networks, the organization and administration of ICT projects and recent technological developments in these fields.

The event will feature the participation of instructors residing in the Latin American region, as well as others from the USA, Canada and Europe, associated with higher education institutions, research centers in technological innovation, international organizations that provide training services to countries in development companies, private sector companies and other organizations dedicated to offering and promoting Internet services.

The 2022 edition of the Conference incorporated new tracks to offer new and updated training to professionals in the region on topics such as Cybersecurity, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning IoT and Internet Governance in the region.

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