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June 10, 5 PM GMT: "The Americas Research and Education Networks: Bringing the Universe to You!" AmREN Special Event

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Join us on June 10th to hear how leading astronomy researchers from the Americas are collaborating to answer questions about the origins of our Universe.

The invited speakers of this, which is the first of a series of three events organized by the AmREN Project (Research and Education Networks of the Americas), are Lukas Nellen, Doctor in Theoretical Physics from the University of Oxford and collaborator of the HAWC, Pierre Auger, SWGO and ALICE projects, where he has responsibility for the software and computing aspects of the projects, Eduardo Toro Rivera, Information Technology Engineer at NSF's NOIRLab under AURA Observatories in Chile, and Luiz Nicolaci da Costa, General Director of the Interinstitutional Laboratory of e-Astronomy (LIneA).

Then join the CEOs of CANARIE (Canada), Internet2 (United States) and RedCLARA (Latin America) as they explain the role that AmREN play in connecting researchers from the Americas, and how this collaboration is helping to answer the most pressing questions facing humanity.

The event will take place through Zoom at 5 PM GMT / 1 PM EST (check your local time HERE), with simultaneous translation into Spanish, Portuguese and French. Participation is free of charge, but requires registration, which can be done at, where you can also get more information.