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June 28 - July 2: ACM COMPASS 2021

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Inspired by the broad agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ACM COMPASS 2021 aims to be forum for the presentation and publication of original research from a broad array of disciplines, including computer and information sciences, social sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, that support the growth of sustainable societies worldwide. The conference has a particular commitment to approaches and research that address the challenges faced by under-represented and marginalized communities.

(Source: ACM Compass) ACM COMPASS 2021 aims to explicitly promote multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research and practice—including new research methods & practice and innovative approaches to design, systems & evaluation—that address key challenges for sustainable societies, including (among others) equality, health, education, poverty, accessibility, conservation, climate change, energy, infrastructure and economic growth. We also welcome research on the ethics of technology, especially from a critical perspective, that explores limitations and concerns with technology-led solutions for sustainable societies.

In the last year, the global pandemic has served to demonstrate how digital technologies, or lack thereof, can impact community resilience. In addition to our primary theme, and within the scope of the conference, this year we welcome contributions that discuss the challenges societies face in their use of digital technologies and services that respond to COVID-19.

This year the event has an open call for Technical Program Committee (TPC) membersApply here.

To get more information on the event, please visit ACM COMPASS 2021 – Computing and Sustainable Societies