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February 11: participate in the webinar "Understanding autism from a paradigm shift"

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The impacts of autism, the emotional aspects of the condition, its sensory disorders and many other issues related to it will be discussed on Saturday, February 11, in the Webinar "Understanding autism from a paradigm shift".

The virtual meeting is an achievement of the Autismo Diario Foundation, from Spain, and will be conducted by its director Daniel Comín between 14:00 and 18:00 GMT

Through an agreement between Red Para Crecer and RedCLARA, the webinar will be free of charge for university halls linked to the Latin American academic network. To participate, those responsible should contact to complete the procedures for the fee exemption.It is an opportunity to integrate the university into an interesting conversation about the new perspectives on autism. For other interested parties the cost of the webinar is 5 euros.

To register and get more information, visit