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Competition of the Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Project in Higher Education

The UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNESCO-IESALC), with support from the Ford Foundation, convened a Higher Education Institutions and intercultural institutions of Higher Education of Latin America and the Caribbean, to submit projects for funding assistance of Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Project in Higher Education in this region.

Projects developed by intercultural institutions of Higher Education or Higher Education Institutions which involved indigenous or African descent have the doors open for competition in the call for funds IESALC, whose main purpose to support the creation and strengthening of programs and research projects and promotion of good living, including participation and knowledge of these communities.

Until 25 May, each institution may nominate up to three (3) projects that are being developed in isolation or in coordination with other peers and are being implemented by teams of two or more people. The selected projects will be implemented within a maximum period between June 15, 2011 and November 15, 2011.

IESCAL UNESCO award ten grants of up to a maximum of ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000) each. Documents will be accepted in Spanish and Portuguese. Projects must be adequately supported by a letter signed and stamped by the highest authority of the IIES and IES in question or by the agency that the regulations of the institution or authorized explicitly stipulated in these cases. If it is inter-agency projects such letters must attach each of the institutions.

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