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Connect Your Research & Education Network

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Help provide eduroam to your research and education community and support Research and Education collaboration.

Global reach

Today research and education are increasingly global with international collaborations working in every field of research. Academics and students are highly mobile with teams joining together from around the globe. Research and Education are no longer limited to the classroom or the lab – researchers and students expect to be able to get online and work wherever and whenever they need to.  How do Institutions and Research and Education Networks support this highly mobile and demanding audience?

Why eduroam?

The benefits of eduroam are immense both for Individuals, Institutions and particularly Research and Education Networks.

  • For individuals the ability to turn on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and immediately get high performance, secure Wi-Fi access transforms the learning experience.  No more needing to find free (and possibly insecure) Wi-Fi hotspots, borrow someone else’s identity or apply for a temporary account – the users’ existing credentials are used to access Wi-Fi wherever they need to connect.
  • For institutions there is no longer a need to provide insecure shared usernames and passwords or to respond to requests for access. Access can be controlled much more easily and the workload of issuing and cancelling ad hoc identities is removed.
  • For Research and Education Networks eduroam offers a unique value added service to the institutions, users and the wider community.  By providing eduroam capabilities NRENs can offer a highly visible, highly valued service that directly impacts institutions and users.

By enabling eduroam your users get access to 89 countries and tens of thousands of access points worldwide.

eduroam helps any national or regional research and education community to better connect with their peers in the rest of the world, and so promotes a sense of equality.

How to set up eduroam in your portfolio

the eduroam team can provide research and education network providers a range of services and tools to help you implement eduroam in your region. This support includes:

  • toolkits and guides to set up authentication and access services
  • training on implementing and supporting eduroam
  • workshops to help learn from the experience of other network providers
  • policies to ensure access is managed and controlled safely and securely
  • Configuration Assistant Tool  to support rapid deployment of eduroam to institutions and users
  • eduroam Managed IdP – a rapid way to let institutions provide eduroam to their users.

For more information on joining eduroam and providing access to your institutions and users, contact the eduroam team at: 


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