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Some of the activities that include the work with the Research/Innovation Communities are:

1. Seminars or lectures. It is carried out with relevant experts who share their experiences and knowledge on certain aspects of the discussion considered relevant by the communities, as well as on new trends and good practices that contribute to the academic work in the region. The Virtual Days and thematic meetings belong to this line.

2. Search for partnerships to generate activities to share resources.

3. Surveys of information. It is generated to identify projects, problems and common needs.

4. Share the work and experiences of community members in a repository

5. Presentation of ICT leading companies. It shows its products, solutions or strategies of technological incorporation for the universities of the region.

6. Seek of alliances and approachment with other organizations of interest for the Community.

If your research group requires support for the articulation of activities that enhance your work, or if you are seeking the opportunity to collaborate with your peers in the region and in the world, we invite you to contact us through this email: .

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