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WG Coordinator: Juan Carlos Guel - CUDI - Mexico
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Main Objective:

To promote computer security culture in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To establish a work framework, in terms of security, for each NREN.
  2. To promote the development of new work groups on security in Latin America and the region through training programs aimed at Security WG members.
  3. To establish discussion forums to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences within the field of computer security, attention to incidents, etc.
  4. To promote the exchange of data and information on related problems, incident management, etc.
  5. To promote coordinated and prompt reactions for security incidents occurring on our infrastructure and that of each NREN.
  6. To create documents of best practices focused on academic environments.
  7. To build a data base of contact points responsible for security in each NREN.
  8. To cooperate with similar initiatives, such as:
    - TF-CSIRT - Europe
    - APCERT - Asia-Pacific