The institutional governance bodies of RedCLARA are:

  • Assembly | Is the superior organism and greater authority of RedCLARA, it represents all its partners. The agreements that are taken inside the General Assembly (which must be adopt with conformity to the Statutes and, of course, cannot be opposite to the law and regulations) force the present and absent partners.
  • Board of Directors | Maximum organism in charge of the direction of RedCLARA and it is formed by a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Vowel.
  • Fiscal Commission | Composed by three members of the Assembly which are not part of the Board.
  • Technical Commission| Composed by three members of the Assembly which are not part of the Board.
  • Executive Secretariat | Organism in charge of the Executive Direction of RedCLARA. The RedCLARA Executive Office it is in charge of the Executive Direction, position that it is under the trust of the Board of Directors and the Assembly.


Member NRENs and Entrepreneurial Associates


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