Check out the results of TICAL2017 calls for Authors and Young People Innovating to Improve their University

resultado tical2017 233 from 155 papers received by the Call for Authors were selected by the Program Committee to be presented during July 3 and 5, 2017, in San José, Costa Rica. At the call of Young Innovators, three of the 14 submitted papers were chosen by the Committee to be exposed to the ICT leaders of Latin American universities in an exclusive session at TICAL2017. Those selected will be contacted shortly by the organization of the event in order to organize the details of their travels.

Official note on the selection process of the Executive Director of the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks

Logo RedCLARAThe Board of Directors of the Association "Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (CLARA)", as responsible for the said selection process, decided, in an extraordinary session held on Thursday, May 18, to extend the period of receipt of complementary information related to the already presented applications for a period running from Friday, May 19 until May 26, 2017.

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