Review the 2016 Annual Report of REUNA

reuna memoriaThe 2016 Annual Report of REUNA is now available. At the document you can find all the details of Chile's advanced national network (who we are, constituent institutions, new alliances and international agreements), 2016 management data (advances in national and international infrastructure, Applications and services), the projects of innovation in which it works, the link with the environment and much more.

The Board of Directors of RedCLARA introduced the new Executive Director of the institution

Luis Eliecer Cadenas, Ida Holz, Paola Arellano, Eduardo Grizendi
Luis Eliecer Cadenas, Ida Holz, Paola Arellano, Eduardo Grizendi

A Venezuelan national, currently based in Guatemala, Luis Eliecer Cadenas Marin, computer engineer and PhD in computer science, was selected to lead the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (CLARA) by its Board of Directors on June 28, 2017.

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