globalName: Global Linkage Over BroadbAnd Links - GLOBAL
Began on: May 2008
Finished in: 2010
Funding: EC - FP6

General objective: To create a web service that coordinates and facilitates the organisation of distributed global events through simple and popular software.

Participants: UPM – Coordinator (Spain), ASSA (Spain), UCL (UK) JSI (Slovenia), UbuntuNet (Malawi).

GLOBAL will provide a virtual conference centre (VCC) using advanced communication technologies and concepts to support the promotion of e-infrastructure topics in Europe and around the world.

One main goal of GLOBAL will be to allow and help research projects to disseminate their results and training events to a wider audience located in multiple geographical locations through the organization of virtual conferences. RedCLARA will be in charge of giving access to the virtual events to those regions that only have a limited infrastructure (Narrowband) and it will also support the development of the project activities within Latin America.


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