10 to 16 July will be held Summer School SC-Camp 2011, for students of final year of college or graduate students in all areas of engineering and science, interest in the subject of high performance and distributed computing.

Internet and advanced network infrastructure can exploit high-performance computing from anywhere, even from the heart of nature. Inspired by this idea will be developed SC-Camp, a summer school SuperComputing in a natural environment.

In its 2011 edition, the school will be held in Turrialba, Costa Rica, specifically at the headquarters of the Atlantic at the University of Costa Rica. There will be six days of scientific sessions on the topic of SuperComputing, a programming course which will run in parallel and a day of fun for participants.

The camp is aimed at undergraduate students (senior year) and graduate students in engineering and science. "They may be students of natural sciences, computer science, physics, mathematics, from different disciplines," said Alvaro de la Ossa, director of CENAT of Costa Rica.

Among the topics to be discussed at SC-Camp 2011, through practical sessions and lectures will parallel programming, programming multiprocessor, distributed systems, cluster computing, grid computing, cloud computing, volunteer computing, hybrid and GPU programming, resources management, employment and programming, virtualization, fault tolerance and green computing.

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