Europe and Latin America expand their collaboration for open science

Over a million records of open access publications from Latin America are now discoverable through the OpenAIRE platform. In December 2016...

Latin American students join ALICE project

The ALICE project, of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, is support...

LA Referencia lanza nuevo sitio web e imagen comunicacional

Ya han pasado tres años desde que finalizó el proyecto que dio origen a LA Referencia. Durante este periodo la red se consolid...

Services for Final Users and Connectivity




Service that allows you to find groups that share your areas of interest and/or research, or create new communities on scientific fields of interest.

VC Espresso

VC Espresso

VC Espresso

This is an exclusive web videoconference for members of RedCLARA’s communities that can be accessed through Colaboratorio. With VC Espresso you will be able to communicate in real time, with image and sound, for as long as you want, with the members of your research community. It does not matter if your meeting is with one single person or 20; VC Espresso will facilitate your meetings since it places over your preferred web browser the application that will enable you to keep in permanent contact with the members of your community, or with other research groups in Latin America.

VC Espresso will enable you to share PDF and PowerPoint presentations and images in your meetings in the frequently used formats. Additionally, you will be able to show your desktop to perform live demonstrations, manage the participants’ profile, use note taking tools, collaborative board and chat. All of this can be done regardless of your operating system, since it is a web client that works with browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer in their latest versions and their corresponding Flash complements. Finally, if you need to record your activity, in VC Espresso you can always produce video recordings of your sessions.

Important: A quality VC Espresso can only be guaranteed if ALL the participants are connected to Advanced Networks.

Funding and Partners


Funding and Partners

Funding and Partners is a tool to seek funding opportunities for the development of research projects and identify, among the users of the Colaboratorio, potential stakeholders to work together in the areas of interest of the user. Currently, the service is part of RedCLARA’s collaboration platform, Colaboratorio, and displays important elements:

Calls: with information about the calls for submission of projects made by various funding sources, whose expiration dates are close to date. Using the available options, you can sort them alphabetically or by release date. Also, if you know a source of funding that is not included among the options, you may suggest the incorporation of this fund to the database by sending a URL and a message to the administrator.

Seeking for Partners: list of possible contacts, filtered from Colaboratorio’s user database, according to the profile information provided by the users.

Notifications: publications made by others who seek to find new members for their projects or have announced their willingness to be added to other existing searches. The users can also publish a notice specifying the discipline, their country of origin and providing a brief description of their interests.

SIVIC: Multiconference Scheduling

VCs Scheduling

SIVIC: Multiconference Scheduling

The H323 Videoconferencing Room Booking System facilitates the search for qualified rooms with multipoint units for this type of meeting in Latin America, aiming to maximize resources for the management of work teams or for the integration of research communities. SIVIC allows, in the same space, to organize video conferences in several countries, allowing all participants to reserve their own videoconferencing rooms in the region.

SIVIC also has the first collaborative set of MCU in Latin America: four countries share the ports of their MCU, ensuring availability of up to 50 points of simultaneous standard connection and 10 points of high definition connection.

The tool is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will allow the users of your institution to make certified videoconferencing room bookings to hold their meetings and online events with more quality. SIVIC ensures the effective management of reserves and the appropriate use of the rooms, according to the policies of use of each institution. Through this system, the users can also send invitations to other people and make public the activity, increasing the visibility of the event.

Join SIVIC! You can do it right now, through the portal of videoconferences of your NREN or through the Colaboratorio access to online collaboration spaces for Latin American research communities.




The eNVIO service allows you to transfer large files which cannot be attached to emails because they exceed the capacity.

eNVIO works by uploading large amounts of information to a RedCLARA temporary server that provides a web address from which any person or group you want will be able to download your material as many times as necessary.

The service is available for file upload and transfer by any user registered in RedCLARA’s Colaboratorio. You will be able to send the private download link (link / URL – web address) up to a maximum of 100 emails. The system supports .zip, .rar, .doc, .xls, .pdf, .docx, .odt, .xlsx and .mov extensions of up to 10GB. The files will remain stored in the system for the number of days you choose with a maximum of 20; once this period is over, the files will be automatically deleted by the system, thus ensuring information privacy and security.

How to use eNVIO?

Enter the Colaboratorio and select the service. Fill the fields of eNVIO form, select the file to be sent and inform the e-mail addresses (there is 10GB of available space for each transfer). Set the time during which the material will be available for download. After 20 days, the system will delete the files automatically. eNVIO enables the following formats: doc, xls, pdf, docx, odt, .xlsx, mov, rar and zip. If you have more than one file or documents in other formats, you must compress them and send them in one of the formats above. Only the people defined by you will the link to download the files.

Global Events Calendar


Global Events Calendar

Get to know the activities being undertaken by various scientific and academic communities around the world. Based on the Indico technology, this tool also allows you to organize the basis of the events and activities in your community.




Foodle is a service provided by UNINETT that allows inviting people, via email, to answer about their date and time preferences for meetings. Simply put, the administrator of the meeting informs its title/theme, objectives and a number of possibilities to be voted by the guests, allowing them to get a consensus.

The system also allows assigning deadlines for responses, setting the location of the event, its time zone - in case of international meetings - and even the proposal of new dates by the participants. In practice, Foodle also saves the time that would be spent on long discussions by email or message apps in the search for the best schedule.


Colombian Network promotes Congress on Inclusive Education

The event, completely free and virtual, will be organized by RedRumbo and will be held between June 5 and 9, 2017.

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ESRs from Brazil and Ecuador launch 2017 course calendars

The 2017 course calendars of the Higher Schools of Networks of Brazil and Ecuador are already available at the websites of the institutions. The activities of CEDIA's ESR start in January, with the Linux Basic Administration and Linux Administration courses and will be extended throughout the year. RNP's ESR, for its part, will have its first class in March and will close its activities in November.

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El top 10 de las tendencias tecnológicas para 2017, según la Forbes

Las tecnologías de la información son cada día más importantes para las organizaciones alrededor del mundo y en 2017 no será distinto. Pero… ¿cuáles de ellas estarán en el centro del proceso de transformación digital el próximo año? ¿Dónde deberán enfocarse las empresas que desean construir modelos de negocio exitosos en tiempos de constantes cambios tecnológicos?

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Our Sevices

Each country in Latin America can get connected to RedCLARA through its National Research and Education Network, NREN. The countries currently connected to our network are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

n terms of capacity, RedCLARA has an infrastructure between the Latin American nodes mentioned above in IRU (Irrestrictible Right of Use) for 10 or 15 years. In this model, RedCLARA has dark fibre in Central America passing through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, a 10 Gbps backbone between Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), and also a 10 Gbps lambda between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).


RedCLARA is +Network +Science, and the connectivity and services that operate online over its Advanced Network infrastructure are aimed at promoting the development of Latin American scientific-academic collaboration initiatives real opportunities for researchers, scientists and academics across the region

RedCLARA’s services are free of charge and can only be used by the members of the National Research and Education Networks (NREN) in Latin America that are connected to its network infrastructure, and by those scientists, academics and researchers who belong to an institution connected to these NRENs. Apart from this connection, the people interested in using our collaboration services have to register in RedCLARA’s Communities Portal.


]The Communities Portal was conceived to promote collaboration within the different research communities and facilitate the everyday work of scientists, academics and members of RedCLARA’s National Research and Education Networks, and offers direct and free access to services like multiconference (SIVIC), desktop videoconference (VC Espresso), transfer of heavy files (eNVIO), event and academic activity manager (Indico), alerts on funding sources, Wikis, among others that we invite you to learn more about.

RedCLARA: +Network +Science

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