August 25 to 27, Brasilia: Follow the RNP 2015 Forum through Video@RNP

 Go to the hotsite of the Forum and register as "Participant via streaming" (http://forum.rnp.br/inscricao). With this, you will get a ...

August 28: register and join DISI'15

The 10th edition of the International Information Security Day (DISI) is organized by CAIS/RNP.

Between August 25th and 27th: join the 2015 RNP Forum

The 2015 RNP Forum is coming. The event of the brazilian national network reaches its third edition aiming to discuss the role of the Inform...


En Cuba: Universidad de la Habana convoca para GEFINES2015

La Universidad de La Habana, en el marco de la Red SUMA, convoca a la III Conferencia Internacional de Gestión Financiera en las Instituciones de Educación Superior, que tendrá lugar en La Habana, Cuba, los días del 28 de Septiembre al 2 de Octubre del 2015.


11 de agosto: LACNIC realiza evento "Cambiar las reglas de Internet es simple"

LACNIC realizará el 11 de agosto el evento "Cambiar las reglas de Internet es simple". Se trata de una oportunidad para comenzar a involucrarse en la comunidad regional de Internet e influenciar en las decisiones que determinan el manejo de los recursos de Internet.


Postulate to the OAS-GCUB 2015 scholarship program

Potential candidates must review the Announcement and the List of Participating Brazilian Universities and Available Programs.


Our Sevices

Each country in Latin America can get connected to RedCLARA through its National Research and Education Network, NREN. The countries currently connected to our network are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In terms of capacity, RedCLARA has an infrastructure between the Latin American nodes mentioned above in IRU (Irrestrictible Right of Use) for 10 or 15 years. In this model, RedCLARA has dark fibre in Central America passing through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, a 10 Gbps backbone between Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), and also a 10 Gbps lambda between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).

RedCLARA is +Network +Science, and the connectivity and services that operate online over its Advanced Network infrastructure are aimed at promoting the development of Latin American scientific-academic collaboration initiatives real opportunities for researchers, scientists and academics across the region.

RedCLARA’s services are free of charge and can only be used by the members of the National Research and Education Networks (NREN) in Latin America that are connected to its network infrastructure, and by those scientists, academics and researchers who belong to an institution connected to these NRENs. Apart from this connection, the people interested in using our collaboration services have to register in RedCLARA’s Communities Portal.

The Communities Portal was conceived to promote collaboration within the different research communities and facilitate the everyday work of scientists, academics and members of RedCLARA’s National Research and Education Networks, and offers direct and free access to services like multiconference (SIVIC), desktop videoconference (VC Espresso), transfer of heavy files (eNVIO), event and academic activity manager (Indico), alerts on funding sources, Wikis, among others that we invite you to learn more about.

RedCLARA: +Network +Science

We invite you to know

Member NRENs and Entrepreneurial Associates


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Avenida El Parque 4680-A, Oficina 108. Santiago. CHILE. Rambla República de México 6125. Montevideo 11400. URUGUAY
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